3 Ways to Dramatically Extend the Longevity of Your Makeup

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I’ve been meaning to share some advice regarding makeup and how long it should last.  People sometimes ask me how long my products last and I could never really give a concrete answer.  I recently decided to put dates on the product labels or mark on my calendar when I started a new product just so I have an idea how long they truly last me.  

(Please note:  Keep me in mind, the longevity of a product will obviously vary from person-to-person depending on how often the product is used, the product itself, how much is applied at a time, and many other situational factors).

The last time I started my last bronzer compact, I wrote the date on the bottom just to see how long it was going to last.

In case you were wondering (and you know I have nothing to hide here ;)…I hold no beauty secrets and I’m here to blog to put it all out on the table)…it took me a whopping 9 months to the exact day to go through it!  I sometimes meet women who go through bronzer like water; they replace it every month or two and I can’t help but think, how is this possible?!  This has lead me to write this article to share with you ways to extend your makeup products so you’re not running to replace it as frequently.

Invest in high quality pigments and products:  With cosmetics along with many other things in life, I believe in the basic principle, you get what you pay for.  And cosmetics is no different.  When it comes to eyeshadows, I ONLY use MAC and NARS.  I’m always open to other brands but their shadows’ pigment quality is the best I’ve seen on the market.  What does that mean exactly?  Breaking it down for makeup novices, I mean a single swipe of a highly pigmented eye shadow will GO A LONG WAY.  Whereas with other brands that are not as pigmented, you may have to apply a few layers just for the color to show up.  This is not a good thing.  That means you will go through it so much quicker because you have to apply more of it to activate it (or show up).

Less is more…[you don’t need to apply a massive amount to get the product to work]:  I like to watch how others apply their makeup and the majority of the time, I can’t help but notice that people are using WAY TOO MUCH product.  There is really no need to be digging so much into a product to get it to work.  If you do, that means the cosmetic quality is poor and it’s time to upgrade and invest in better quality.  Or you just have to practice on being more “light handed” (apply with softer strokes with light pressure) vs. heavy handed.  With practice, this is an easy habit to fix and can be fixed over time!

Switch it up:  If you have the option to not wear the same exact products everyday, naturally, the products will last longer.  I’ve NEVER gone through an entire tube of the same lipstick.  May sound shocking as a makeup artist, but it truly shouldn’t because you have to keep in mind I don’t wear the exact same shade everyday.  I switch it up.  Now with bronzer, I do wear the same exact bronzer everyday (–or I should say whenever I wear makeup, hey, I’m only human and have my no makeup days too!).  It still lasted me awhile being that the pigment quality is high and I don’t use a ton of it because again, I don’t need to use a ton for it to show up!  Again, back to this original point, if you have a variety of products to choose from and not using the same exact product everyday, it will last a long time!

[Any other tips?  Any questions regarding products I use and its usage?]


Ed Hardy Love & Luck Perfume by Christian Audigier – Perhaps My New Signature Scent?

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Ed Hardy Love & Luck Perfume by Christian Audigier

A few days ago, I discovered Ed Hardy Love & Luck perfume (it has been around since 2008) and I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m not an Ed Hardy fan by any means; however, I didn’t let this discourage me from picking up the bottle to give it a mist.  I liked it pretty much immediately but sprayed it a few more times to kind of analyze it.  It is really indescribable, it’s unique and very refreshing.  It’s light but leaves a lasting impression.  Someone actually asked me what I was wearing today.

Whenever I met someone who told me they wore the same exact fragrance everyday, I thought to myself…now what is the fun in that?!  Especially if you have a big collection!  If I had to choose some of my favorite signature scents out of my collection..I LOVE Angel (more of a winter/fall scent in my opinion), Custo Barcelona for women (sadly discontinued, so I don’t even have the luxury to wear this everyday and have to wear sparingly now as I have very little left), Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (loved this since it launched, this is a classic but very light), and lastly but surely NOT leastly, Escada’s Moon Sparkle (I love Escada fragrances!!  Fruity, flirty, and fun).

I never really allowed myself to wear the same exact perfume everyday but I like this so much that I may find myself wearing this (essentially) everyday.  I don’t think it’s possible for me to get sick of this scent…it’s exquisite!

In case you’re wondering, this fragrance is described:

This unforgettable scent mixes red sake accord and bergamot with blood orange and nectarine. The rich scents of sandalwood, patchouli, blackcurrant and pink peppercorn blend perfectly with forbidden plum, jasmine, cedarwood and sensual musk.

[Is anyone familiar with this scent?]


[Style Vault] – Arden B Pastel Mint Green Exposed Shoulder Top

Arden B mint green top

Arden B mint green top…(FYI, this image is NOT me)…I got this image from the website to show what it looks like. You can still purchase it, the top also comes in a solid black and/or white.

I purchased this top over the weekend from Arden B (yes, you can still purchase it and luckily it’s also on sale now).  I went there looking for something new to wear for Easter and bought this on impulse after trying it on being that I loved it so very much.  Turns out, I did wear this on Easter paired with my David Lerner black leggings, Christian Louboutin nude lace up heels, and some opulent jewelry .  I didn’t get the opportunity to capture the outfit but trust me, I will be wearing this sweater top a lot this season so I will eventually showcase it in an upcoming [OUtfit Post].

Style Confession:  Although mint green is majorly trending right now, I have always had a love for mint green. It’s one of my favorite colors so I’m really happy that it’s much easier to find during my shopping expeditions.

Besides the color, I LOVE exposed shoulders (such as cut outs as seen here or off shoulder tops).  The style is very interesting and hard to come by for some reason.

PS- Believe it or not, I bought this top in a size large.  They only had a large and XS but being I like my tops a little longer in length, I went with the size large.  It actually didn’t even look like a large, I picked up it thinking it was a small or medium and then was completely fooled by the label.  Goes to show, you have to ALWAYS try something on, every piece is made differently, so sizes always vary. 

[Does anyone else have a love for mint green?]

[Meli, where have you been?!…] – Yes, I’m (slowly) making a blog comeback – Thanks to My Sephora Visit Today


Hi everyone, it’s been over 4 months since my last post (around the holidays, I took an unexpected blog leave…everything is okay, I just have been overly sidetracked and just putting my creative energy towards other faucets of life…hey, it happens to the best of us!)

Admittedly, I’ve slightly been regretting coming back because of all the time I spent away from my blog and I didn’t quite know how to begin from where I left off (if I’m not mistaken, my last post was about my green smoothies and ways I like to stay fit)…until my visit in Sephora today.   It was just the inspiration I needed!

This morning, I got a text from a client/friend asking if I can find something for her at Sephora being that it was sold out at the locations by her and also online.  Luckily, they had one left of the item she was looking for so I picked it up for her.  Being I haven’t been into Sephora recently, I wanted to see what was new and of course almost ALWAYS by default, get drawn to the the lip units.  Do I NEED any new lip products?!  Hmm, given that I have over a hundred to choose from, I think we can firmly answer the question to that one!  However, I can’t help but want to discover a new color or new product.

Beauty Confession #1:  I have no problem wearing essentially the same eye makeup everyday, but when it comes to lip color, I really love to switch it up.  Lavender lips today…orange lips tomorrow! ;)  Who’s to stop me?

Beauty Confession #2:  My mother is also a lipstick fanatic (she won’t be seen anywhere without some form of a red lip…MAC “Dubonnet” is one of her absolute favorites FYI), so I cannot escape the fact that I have an obsession with lipstick (clearly it’s in the DNA)!

Moving towards the Dior lipstick unit… I don’t currently own any Dior lipsticks but I love the color selection.  What stops me every time from moving forward and purchasing one is that the color payoff never seems to be enough.  All their formulas appear to be too sheer.

A Sephora artist approached me asking if I needed assistance. Typically, I kindly reject the offer being that I’m usually just browsing and being a makeup artist, I can figure things out on my own.  However, I went ahead to ask him, “Do you know which Dior formula has the best color payoff…one with more of a kick to it?  These all seem to be so sheer…”

Now, he didn’t seem to quite know the answer.  He gave me his best educated guess (I’m OKAY with this, I don’t expect people in Sephora to know EVERY line of makeup the store carries unless they’ve tested the products or worked with them directly) but then he eagerly wanted to show me something he thought I would really like.  Sure enough, I did:  Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick!!!

I expressed I liked pinks and he brought over 2 shades, both lovely recommendations but I instantly had a love-at-first-sight moment with, “Backstage Bambi.”

Kat-Von-D - Backstage-Bambi

Kat Von D Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick in “Backstage Bambi” – Perfect bright frosted pink

I love the concept of a liquid lipstick.  It has great staying power and you don’t need to add a gloss really (although this does feel slightly dry once set on the lips).  Best of all, it leaves a little staining effect behind so there is always some form of color on the lips.  I’m thoroughly impressed by the product itself and look forward to buying another shade in the near future!  Specifically the shade, “Jeffree”is on my wish list.

In case you’re wondering…What Inspired me to be Blogging this very moment….

So after I checked out, I was walking out of Sephora and one of the artists approached me (Hi, Angie!) and said, “Do you write a blog?”  I was really in complete shock being that I had abandoned my blog in recent months and it made me realize that even on a small scale, my blog continually makes an impact in which people take away something from it.  When I asked how she found it, she explained that she was searching prom makeup and somehow my blog came up along with my photo and she thought, “I know this girl, I see her at Sephora all the time.”  I told Angie I would come back to my blog, so here I am!  

[Fabulous Fitness Post] – How I Stay in Shape During the Holiday Season (and How You Can Too)!

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It’s hard to believe that festive time of year is quickly falling upon us.  Thanksgiving is about a week away leading up to Christmas which will be here sooner than we all realize.

While for many, this is the worst time of year for our waistlines, surprisingly, I tend to stay in the best shape of my life from now well into the upcoming new year.  Generally speaking, I’m in decent (hey, there is always room for improvement!) shape year-round due to my dedication to a healthy lifestyle, which includes clean eating and religious workouts.  Yet somehow, during the holiday season, I’m in even better shape for a couple explainable reasons:  1)  I absolutely refuse to let myself go and look like an oompa loompa come New Year’s (sorry, ain’t happening, I love myself too much to even let myself to go to begin with)…2)  With holiday parties, my birthday falling between two holidays (Christmas and New Year’s), and other non-stop festivities, looking my best is just at a higher priority than other times of the year.

So what does this mean?  What do I have to do, resort to starving myself?  Start a cleansing diet where all I do is drink water mixed with cayenne pepper and maple syrup all day (umm, can we say GROSS)?  (Can I strongly answer with a BIG FAT NO to both those questions…FYI, both those options are incredibly detrimental to your body, so please, don’t even fathom such things…I’m just pointing out extremes that people go through that are completely UNnecessary).

Okay, my answer:  All it truly means is that my motivation is at a natural high and that I have to pump up the discipline.  Everything is within reach with a good dose of motivation and discipline.  The motivation comes from within (you either have it or don’t) but as for the discipline, I can explain a few things I do to keep this principal in check:

1-  Eat extra, extra clean:  I would say that I eat pretty clean to begin with.  My staple foods include grapefruit, kale, spinach, apples, etc.  Pretty much foods that are natural and are only one ingredient that also provide nothing but nutrients to fuel my body with energy.  However, I do have a sweet tooth so this time of year, I really cut back sugar as much as I can (I try to limit sweet treats to only one day a week meaning 6/7 days, no sweets).  If you cut back on these cravings, you’ll find the body on its own will start to crave them less.  (Out of sight, out of mind right?)

2-  Lift more weights (cardio is not enough):  I probably work out the most during the summer months where the weather is nicer and I could run outside pretty much every day.  Add extra runs plus my regular workouts which incorporate lifting and minimal cardio.  One would think that I would be in the best shape that time of year but being I’m slightly less disciplined with my eating habits, the extra running really isn’t enough.  Which is why I always stress the importance of lifting weights because this is what is going to truly change the SHAPE of your body.  By shape I mean a tighter physique (muscle takes up less space than fat) and less overall inches.

3-  Find a way to push your body everyday:  I try to find time (about 45 minutes to an hour) every single day of the year to dedicate to my body.  Even on busy days, something as minimal as a set of push-ups or a 10 minute jog around the neighborhood is better than nothing in my book.  However, pushing your body and challenging it in ways it didn’t realize it was even capable of is what really is going to lead to rewarding results.  Besides maintaining optimal health, isn’t achieving results the ultimate goal?  To push my body more, I really focus on toning/lifting (which again leads to a sculpted physique) by increasing weights and changing up my workouts as much as possible so my muscles don’t get used to the same routine.

4-  Save indulgences just for the festivities:  If you can dedicate eating clean everyday and fitting in challenging workouts daily, then this leaves room for some indulging (but not going overboard) for those special holiday events.  If you stay disciplined, then these events allow you something to look forward to!  I know for myself, I look forward to them and it’s a time that should be enjoyed.  Does that mean that I will drink a bottle of wine and polish off a plate of cookies as a reward for being so disciplined?  Obviously not, but it does mean I can enjoy a glass (or two) of wine and maybe a cookie.

If you listen to my fitness tips, you can look forward to looking and feeling great!  From now until the end of the year, I will contribute some more health/fitness blogs to step up your motivation and provide you valuable health related information that will take your fitness level to greater heights.

I live off of green smoothies. I always start my morning with a home made smoothie which I switch up depending on the ingredients on hand and sometimes drink up to two a day. They may not seem appetizing but they’re exceptionally nutritious, provide energy, and I personally love the taste!

[Do you have some tips for staying slim during the holidays?  What works for you?] 

[Style Vault] – Miu Miu Gold Rhinestone T-Strap Heels

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Head over heels (quite literally) for these Miu Miu gold rhinestone heels

I haven’t contributed much to my [Style Vault] lately although this does not mean I haven’t been shopping (actually, I have been really good in more recent months…really I have been).  However, over the weekend I discovered a new boutique in Princeton, NJ where I found this GORGEOUS pair of Miu Miu heels.  They might as well have screamed, “Meli!!!” as they totally have my name all over it.  I love anything with gold and rhinestones and a sky high heel too of course.  I’m 50/50 when it comes to t-strap but with the right dress or black leggings…these are HOT!

FYI, I’m a total shoe addict, designer shoes are my guilty pleasure of choice.  That and a fabulous handbag.  (Ok, who am I kidding, I have a ton of fashion guilty pleasures but designer shoes truly top my list)!!!  

Photos really do not do these shoes enough justice. I can say they are amazing in person and even more amazing on. Thrilled to add this to my designer shoe collection!

[How would you wear these heels?]

My Dream Wardrobe…What it Would Look Like…

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I discovered this on Polyvore and had to post it.  I love all the extra decor and the makeup vanity is obviously a must.  The fur throw also adds a nice touch! :)

Vignette: Dream Dressing Room
Vignette: Dream Dressing Room by lashandanista featuring yumi